Full text: ARCH+ : Studienhefte für architekturbezogene Umweltforschung und -planung (1969, Jg. 2, H. 5-8)

Beshers, James M- 
Crecine, John P. 
Computer Methods in the Analysis of 
Large-Scale Social Systems, 
Cambridge, Massachusetts: The Joint 
Center for Urban Studies of Massa- 
chusetts Institute of Technology and 
Harvard University, 1965 
Computer Simulation in Urban Re- 
search, Santa Monica, California: 
RAND Corporation, 1967 
Fishman, George S 
Statistical Considerations in Com- 
puter Simulation Experiments, Santa 
Monica, California: RAND Corpora- 
‘ion, 1967 
and Kiviat, Philip J. 
Digital Computer Simulation: Statis- 
tical Considerations, Santa Monica, 
California: RAND Corporation, 1967 
"Industrial Dynamics - A Response to 
Ansoff and Slevin", Management 
Science, May 1968, pp. 613-616 
Simulation Techniques. Santa Monica, 
California: RAND Corporation, 1959 
Guetzkow, Harold, Simulation in Social Science: 
Ed. Readings. Englewood Cliffs, New 
Jersey: Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1962 
[BM Scientific Computing Symposium on Simulation 
Models and Gaming. Proceedings, 
White Plains, New York, IBM Data 
Processing Division, 1966 
Digital Computer Simulation: Mod- 
eling Concepts. Santa Monica, 
California: RAND Corporation, 1967 
A Model of Metropolis. Santa Monica, 
California: RAND Corporation, 1964 
et al. 
Computer Simulation Techniques. 
New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 
and Finger, J.M. 
"Verification of Computer Simulation 
Models", Management Science, 
Ictober 1967, pp. 92-101 
Warneryd Olof 
Meddelande Fran Ett Symposium i 
Teoretisk Samhallsgeografi. Upsala, 
Sweden: University of Upsala, 1965 
Meddelande Fran Ett Simulerings- 
symposium. Upsala, Sweden: Univer- 
sity of Upsala, 1966 
The Logic of Scientific Discovery. 
New York: Harper & Row, Inc., 1959 
Lowry, Ira S. 
Naylor, Thomas H. 
Olsson, Gunnar and 
Olsson, Gunnar 
Popper, Karl R. 
nit der Gutigart“ geEWS 
es» Sie eine 
der große TS 
AO uschlanE 
nd W as DC aort jesen 7 
cramınt aus 
neruien?” redet 
eben weil €$ die gEXTUNC ist 
ARCH+ 2 (1969) H.8 

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