Full text: The waves

now, even here, I reach my object and say, * Wander no more. 
All else is trial and make-believe. Here is the end.” But these 
pilgrimages, these moments of departure, start always in your 
presence, from this table, these lights, from Percival and 
Susan, here and now. Always I see the grove over your heads, 
between your shoulders, or from a window when I have 
crossed the room at a party and stand looking down into the 
“ But his slippers ? ” said Neville. “ And his voice down- 
stairs in the hall ? And catching sight of him when he does 
not see one ? One waits and he does not come. It gets later 
and later. He has forgotten. He is with someone else. He is 
faithless, his love meant nothing. Oh, then theagony—thenthe 
intolerable despair! And then the door opens. He is here.” 
“Rippling gold, I say to him, ‘Come,’ ” said Jinny. 
“ And he comes; he crosses the room to where I sit, with 
my dress like a veil billowing round me on the gilt chair. Our 
hands touch, our bodies burst into fire. The chair, the cup, 
the table—nothing remains unlit. All quivers, all kindles, all 
burns clear.” 
(“ Look, Rhoda,” said Louis, ‘they have become noc- 
turnal, rapt. Their eyes are like moth’s wings moving so 
quickly that they do not seem to move at all.” 
“ Horns and trumpets,” said Rhoda, “ ring out. Leaves 
unfold ; the stags blare in the thicket. There is a dancing znd 
a drumming, like the dancing and the drumming of naked 
men with assagais.” 
“Like the dance of savages,” said Louis; “round the 
camp-fire. They are savage ; they are ruthless. They dance 
in a circle, flapping bladders. The flames leap over their 
painted faces, over the leopard skins and the bleeding limbs 
which they have torn from the living body.” 
* The flames of the festival rise high,” said Rhoda. * The 
great procession passes, flinging green boughs and flowering 
branches. Their horns spill blue smoke; their skins are 
dappled red and yellow in the torchlight. They throw violets. 
They deck the beloved with garlands and with laurel leaves, 

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