Full text: The waves

“ The grey-shelled snail draws across the path and flattens 
the blades behind him,” said Rhoda. 
“ And burning lights from the window-panes flash in 
and out on the grasses,” said Louis. 
““ Stones are cold to my teet,” said Neville. “1 feel each 
one, round or pointed, separately.” 
“The back of my hand burns,” said Jinny, * but the 
palm is clammy and damp with dew.” 
“ Now the cock crows like a spurt of hard, red water 
in the white tide,” said Bernard. 
“ Birds are singing up and down and in and out all round 
us,” said Susan. 
“The beast stamps ; the elephant with its foot chained ; 
the great brute on the beach stamps,” said Louis. 
“ Look at the house,” said Jinny, *“ with all its windows 
white with blinds.” 
“ Cold water begins to run from the scullery tap,” said 
Rhoda, *“ over the mackerel in the bowl.” 
“ The walls are cracked with gold cracks,” said Bernard, 
“and there are blue, finger-shaped shadows of leaves 
beneath the windows.” 
“ Now Mrs. Constable pulls up her thick black stockings,” 
said Susan. 
“ When the smoke rises, sleep cutls off the roof like a 
mist,” said Louis. 
“The birds sang in chorus first,” said Rhoda. “ Now 
the scullery door is unbarred. Off they fly. Of they fly 
like a fling of seed. But one sings by the bedroom window 
“ Bubbles form on the floor of the saucepan,” said Jinny. 
“Then they rise, quicker and quicker, in a silver chain to 
the ton.” 
“ Now Biddy scrapes the fish-scales with a jagged knife 
on to a wooden board,” said Neville. 
“The dining-room window is dark blue now,” said 
Bernard, “ and the air ripples above the chimneys.” 
“ A swallow is perched on the lightning-conductor,” said

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