Full text: Memorandum: The Technische Hochschule Stuttgart as it was - as it is (1947)

= 5 
ond student body is tho faot that so far the Hochschule is otill 
olnoot completely out-off from the sciontifis world outside of 
Cernany. The dongers of ouch on isolation ere grave, for it produces 
en atmosphere of intellectual oterility which in the Jong Tun would 
nean the end of trae scientific research in Cernany. Science oan 
only thrive on the soil of mutusl exchange of ideas, and all our 
work in rebuilding end rehabilitating our Hochschule would be in 
vain, indeod, if it continued to be done in an atoosphere of 
intolicotunl isolation 
How, muoh of what has been achieved daring tho past two years 
coulé not have been done without the kind help and understanding of 
Uilitery Government, and we take this opportunity to express our 
sinoerest thanks for everything that hes been done on our behalf 
by the officers of Military Government, Dut even 00, unless outaide 
encouragement and help be forthooning, there are reasons to believe 
that ultinately our program of improvisation and self-help will not 
be sufficient to cope with the manifold difficulties mentioned above, | 
for instead of their improving they have been growing worse during 
tho paot fow momths, Thus, deeply concerned with the future of our 
Hochschule and its mission, we aro directing an appeal to all those 
american Colleges, Universities and Institutes of Technology which 
mig give favorable consideration to the idea of adopting Technische 
Hochschule Stuttgart, Such a Plan would entail finding ways and means | 
of bringing the Hochschule in contact again with the achievenents 
of modern scientific research os well as fillinó; those material 
requirements necessary to prevent the living standard of faculty 
and student body from falling below en existential aininutse 
To give this our appeal for help ite proper foundation, it is 
considered advisable to draw a comparison between the state the 
Hochschule was in at times of normaley and the state we find it in 
today, íi.9., between 1950 &end 1947. This way, we believe, will be 
the most advantageous for presenting ae objectively as possible the 
data necescary for any sponsoring institution in the USA to base ite 
aid progras One 

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