Full text: Memorandum: The Technische Hochschule Stuttgart as it was - as it is (1947)

those applying to the total population. 
At the time the examination took plage, the official ration 
set by the Food Office amounted to 828 calories per day. The two 
dieticians helping in the examination noted an average consumation 
cf 1,301 calories, It should be pointed out in this conneotion ihat 
the examination took place on s Monday, 1.09., the calorie 
oonsumvastion examined was that of the previous day, à Sunday - a 
day, that is, on which people are wont to est nore. 
Through interviews with the dieticians, an appalling picture of 
the actual food situation among the students was obtainod, Ii was 
ascertained that a part of the students would work $ill late at 
night during the first two weeks of a ration period and thus use up 
the greater part of thoir rations. During the second part of the 
period, they have nothing to eat any longer ani have to rely on the 
charity of other people who give them now and then a piece of bread 
or some potatoes, A large number of students eat nothin; until 
noonw-tine unless they happen to get a plate of soup or something 
from their landlady. 
In any event, it has been entablished that the students, being, 
as they are, completely dependent upon the alotted rations, are | 
very badly off as fas as food is concerned, Both, from the standpoint 
cf health and in the intellectual propensities, then, the general 
deterioration of the food situation will doubtlessly be very notionl 
among the students of the Technische Hochschule." 
i fow statements by individual students nay cerve a5 comnone 
taries to this general report. 
Galles à refuges student in the fourth semester states: 
"The mein problem which had to be faced from the outset was the 
financial problem, Even though I am now once more a Student, it 
isn't my studies which stand in the foreground but the task of 
earning my daily living. «.« For us students of technology the 
average number of lectures anounts to five hours per day, To oszn 
our living, ve have to work at least four hours p fe Twp to 
three hours have to be spent on studying. So each day presents to 
us ga varied program of working hours. ««« But all this could be 
managed if this inoressed work load did not collide with another 
problem, So wit, the food situation, ... 1t is, of course, possible 
to work with our present rations twelve hours a day for a short 
while, but in the long rum it becomes impossible. Put, alas, wo 
have hod an extremely oritical food situation for quite a long time 
by now. It would be a great help to us students if this situation oot 
be remedied in the near future," 
Colles n disabled refujgce-stuadent, second senester, writes: 
"Hosides food and clothes the main difficulties encountered by me 
pertain to books, You can't even get a sheet of writing paper withouw' 
handing in vaste payer in return for it, The other day i was lucky 
enough to be able to order a physico text, In exchange for twelve 
pounds of waste paper, to be sure. In order to procure this, I had 
to write home to send me twelve pounds of letters (the maximum weigh 
permitted for packages from the Russian mome is two pounds). That 
means 7,20 Eu in postage = a lot for me since I have to figure with 
every penny I spend e."

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