“le THE TROHRISGCHR HOCHSCHULE STUTTGART A © it x su TH e AS IT BAS ww Bs il 18. For nearly two years now, the feoulty and students of the Technische Hochschule Stuttgart have been working towards the reconstruétion cf their school. © are nearing the end of the fourth postewar senestor now; wo, that is 4,000 Students, 105 teachers plus à large Staff of assistants, all of them devoted to their conson task, The common ain inopiring both faculty and ttudents alike to work despite the present hardshipe of life in Germany in s spirit of hope and optimise are on the one hand the reestablishment of the free acadenic spirit which characterised university life in Gernany bofore the outbresk of Nasiss, on the other hand the dosire to take their place once more in the international conuunity of scientific endeavor, e Tho prerequisitos for this are of a very material nature, for since 75 # of the Hochschule buildings were destroyed, the rebuilding program became of primary isportance. The rule vas passed in the summer of 1945 that no student would be admitted to the first semester who had not worked two to six months full tine in the rebuilding: of the school (the sonle was set according to tho oirounstonees in which each student lived). Work started in September 1945; fron then until June 1947, nearly 1,000,00€ ten hours have been given by the stadents, both man and female, to the robuilding of their Hochschule, They worked as masons and carpenters, ao plumbers and painters, they cut lusber in the woods and cleaned up the rubble, they drove bulldozers and blasted ruins; many of then fanily fathers, or disabled veterans, or refugees from the eastern provinces, The pay is 70 Pfennige per hour; the diet the normal diet of post-war Germany. Hie months of manual labor over, the student turns to his studies, The Gifficulties under which he labors are the inevitable # -/ s