ww 5 - IT. Zhe Facts of Reconstruction nnd Reorganisation ef the Technische Hochschule, 1) The General Character of the Technische Hochschule, The Technische Hochschule Stuttgart, which is actually a cross between an University and an Institute of Technology, was founded in 1829, developing fron a State School of Engineering, ("Staatliche Gewerbeschule") into one of Germany's foremost technological institutions, known especially for its research lsboratories, After the school reform of 1875, its students entered the Hochschule around the age of 18 after having gone through nine years of high-sohool Training. Graduating from highesohool marks the end of a studént's general education; entering the Technische Hochschule Stuttgart means to enter upon a Specialised field of study. As a rule, it requires four years to obtain what would be the equivalent of a Naster of Soience degree (Diplonexamen), and additional one to two years to obtain & Dec. The Hochschule bestows two types of doctor's degrees: in science and engineering Due to the expansion of the student body and the research funetions of the Hochschule, housing has been a major problem for the past five decades. Not owning a campus of ite own, the Hoch sohule consisted of one nain building (0.f. fig. 1 of annex I), and 25 laboratories and research institutes scattered all over the map of Stuttgart since the beginning of the war, and in sone cases as much as 30 alles distant from esch other, An ambitious project drawn wp in 1929 which called for double the amount of Space used by the Hochschule at that time had to be shelved, 15 # of the Hochschule buildings were destroyed by air-raids in 1944, Add to this fact that the number of students doubled between 1530 and 1947, and it won't be hard to realize the difficulties that have to be overcome. The Hochschule has always maintained close relationship to scientific institutions abroad, particularly with the U.S. After the First World war an exchange of professors of the Technische Hochschule and of the universities in the United States was established, Numerous professors visited the U.S. for the