= 5 = conditions are playing therein, 2) The Faculty (Flate 3 and 4 of annex II). Although the number of faxulty menbers has remained pretty such the some, the general make-up of the teaching staff has changed considerably. Mainly due to the denasificotion, the number of ordained professors has decreased by 30 #3; their positions had to bo filled by part-time teachers, To this must be added tho faot that (a) the nunber of students has doubled and that (b) the psychologic social and educational background of to-day's students means a greatly increased load of student-counselling. Host of the teaching aids « books, charts, modelo, coliectiono, chenicals, apparatus, ete, = have been destroyed and cannot Le replaced; that requires inprovisations, but also like everything else, an increased work load. All these additional and increased tasks bave to be performed with a diet aimed to consist of 1,550 calories but at times as low as 230 calories per day (as compared to a diet of 2,000 calories per day in normal times), and thus an ever-increasing state of exhaustion makes itself felt among the members of our fasulty. The detachment from the worries about one's everyday exislence, So necessary for scientific work, is lacking almost completely. Briefly, what ie called for to make our tesching staff able to cope with pedagogic and scientific demands of our Hochschule is (in addition to increasing the number of class rooms and laboratories as rapidly as possible) teaching aide and food, | 3) The Student Body (Plate 5 of annex 111). Conpared to the handicaps our teaching staff is forced to labor under, those facing our students are considerably greater. Flate 5 not only speaks for itself, but alec furnishes the necessary background for an understanding of the results of a physical exmmination unde recently uf 603 students, A condensation of a report dated June 16, 1947, written by Df. Lutz, Chief of the Health Department of the Furttenberg Ministry of Interior, reads as fellowes "The average weight of the students is 6.17 # below standard. This is commensurate to the decrease in weight noted in the whole population end is due to the general food situations 0.79 # of the students examined suffered from edema, 8.6 # from vitamin — deficiencies, Here the percentages are considerably higher than